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Subject: The Class of 1965 60th Birthday Party

As you know, the Class of 1965 plans to celebrate its collective 60th Birthday during the weekend of August 1-3, 2003 in the Hanover area. This will update you on plans for the weekend.

On Friday evening Jim and Debbie Griffiths with host a barbecue party at their home in Plainfield, NH (near Lebanon for those of you unfamiliar with Jim's location). On Saturday evening, we will have a barbecue party at Pierce's Inn, with a 60th Birthday Cake!

During the weekend we will also be working on a COVER project. COVER stands for Corps of Volunteers Effecting Repair/Reuse. The project involves an 80 year old house that was recently moved from Hanover to White River Junction and is in need of, among other things, painting and landscaping work. We intend to spend most of Saturday on this project (all will be welcome to participate including children) and either Friday afternoon or Sunday morning. The house will eventually be occupied by a low income family.

Please do plan to attend the weekend! I know that the Atkinsons, the Gonnermans, the Hansens, the Amons, Bob Blake and Ken McGunther, in addition to many local area classmates and spouses, will be participating. Have I missed anyone? Let me know.

Best, Hank