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A view of The Dartmouth Green from Baker Library 
where Friday night's  Dartmouth Homecoming Night 
will be celebrated. 
Come join us!

The Ohio Players


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Class of 1965

Hanover Mini-Reunion

October 17 - 19,  2008


            The Class of 1965 Hanover Mini-Reunion will be held over the October 17-19, 2008 weekend. Headquarters will be Pierce’s Inn in Etna with our traditional hosts, Cindy Pierce and her husband, Bruce Lingelbach.


            This is the Dartmouth Homecoming weekend, and will include the Dartmouth Night parade and bonfire Friday night and football against Holy Cross on Saturday (order tickets from the College – 603-646-2466).


            Steve and Linda Fowler have again invited all ‘65s to their home in Hanover for wine and hearty hors d’oeuvres on Friday evening both before the parade and after the bonfire.


            Directions to the Fowler’s home at 5 Webster Terrace: The house is the last house at the end of Webster Terrace, which is a left hand turn off the westerly end of Webster Avenue (Fraternity Row). In other words, walk down Fraternity Row, and, when you reach Aquinas House on your right, turn left on Webster Terrace.





1)  There is no parking on Webster Terrace. Park legally on Webster Avenue! 


2)  There is no parking in The Aquinas House parking lot. The Aquinas House is private property; public parking is not available.  Long or short term parking in the Aquinas House Lot or on Aquinas House property is for the immediate use of Aquinas House and people with a connection with to it.  This is due to risk management and liability concerns.  Unfortunately,   Because of recent difficulties, The Aquinas House is unable to provide permission for other parking.  BE AWARE THAT THIS PARKING POLICY IS ENFORCED BY TOWING.


*                     *                    *                    *


Enclosed with this Mini-Reunion memo is a Reservation Form for the weekend to be sent directly to Pierce’s. Please don’t fail to send in the form to let us know what events and meals you will attend and the number in your party for each. This information is important so the class can adequately plan and provision for the weekend.


If you plan to stay at Pierce’s, please remember that there are a limited number of rooms. Call (603-643-2997) or e-mail ( to make your reservations. To assure that the Class will be able to continue using Pierce’s as our Mini-Reunion headquarters, it is important that a sufficient number of classmates stay at Pierce’s.


If you are staying at Pierce’s, please include with your Reservation Form a check made to Pierce’s for $50.00 as a deposit.


 Those staying at Pierce’s will pay the balance of their bill – room and meals – on Sunday morning.


If you are not staying at Pierce’s, please include with your Reservation Form a check for the total cost of meals you will eat at Pierce’s (breakfasts are $10.00 and the Saturday night dinner is $36.00 per person).


The Class of ’65 will bill you for your share of other costs.


We look forward to seeing you in Hanover!


Schedule of Activities


Friday, October 17


6:00 PM – Wine and hearty hors d’oeuvres at Fowler’s

7:00 PM – Parade & Bonfire:  We assemble on Lebanon St. near St. Denis Church.

8:30 PM – Wine & hearty hors d’oeuvres at Fowler’s


Saturday, October 18


7:30 AM – Breakfast @ Pierce’s

10:30 AM – Tailgate Brunch near Sphinx

12 NOON – Football v. Holy Cross

2–5:00 PM – Cocktail Reception w/ ‘64 & ’66 – Hayward Lounge, Hanover Inn

6:00 PM – Cocktails @ Pierce’s

7:30 PM – Dinner @ Pierce’s  (Followed by entertainment)


Sunday, October 19


8:00 AM – Breakfast @ Pierce’s

9:00 AM – Class Meeting @ Pierce’s



Click on link at top for printable form.


Please complete this form and mail (with a check to Pierce’s Inn for amounts due)


Pierce’s Inn  |  261 Dogford Rd.  |  Etna, NH 03750



            If you have a room reservation at Pierce’s, please enclose your $50.00 deposit check made to Pierce’s Inn and provide the information requested by the form.

            If you do not have a room reservation at Pierce’s, please enclose your check made to Pierce’s Inn for the correct amount to pay for your party’s meals at Pierce’s (prices set forth below) and provide the requested information.

            YOU WILL BE BILLED by the Class of 65 for costs of these events: Friday evening, the Tailgate Brunch, the Hanover Inn Reception, and Saturday party at Pierce’s .


Name: _____________________________________________________________

Others in your party:  ___________________________________________________

Phone No.: _________________________________________________________

E-mail address: ________________________________________________________

Names of people staying at Pierce’s: ____________________________________



Friday,     October 17:              Number at Fowler’s                           _____________

Saturday, October 18:              Breakfasts @ Pierce’s ($10 Each )    _____________

                                                Tailgate Brunchs                                _____________

                                                 Dinners @ Pierce’s ($36 Each)         _____________

Sunday,   October 19:               Breakfasts @ Pierce’s ($10 Each)     _____________