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Madame Jeanette

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   "Madame Jeanette"
Dartmouth College Glee Club
        Recorded in Early '60s

Go Figure!
255 Webages Across Four Separate '65 Sites
And The Only Request For More Info Regards
"Madame Jeanette"
Currently, The Great Class has over 255 webpages published over four separate websites.
This site,, has 208 pages by itself.
AND YET... of all matters... related to all mentions made in all of the pages... with all of the music that is attached to numerous pages, there is BUT ONE TOPIC about which I receive requests.  It is for more information regarding the haunting song, "Madame Jeanette."
Madame Jeanette Is A Siren!
Let me put 'HER" magnetism into a better perspective.  When I first created the Jukebox of Dartmouth Songs, I only included songs relating to The College.*  Madame Jeanette, having nothing to do with The College, was not even on the jukebox, SHE was merely a mention made along with other non-College tunes included from the album. 
It is unimaginable that Google even noticed and cached the seemingly 13 "insignificant" letters making up HER name.  But, it plus other search engines did; and from these listings, emanate requests for more info. In fact, it was through one such query that I added the song as Track #11 to The Jukebox.
Of worthy note is that the requests for information are made for heartfelt reasons which anchor back to a deceased loved one, or a mentor, or a friend.  The inquiries are SO REMARKABLE that I personally answer each one, often with several follow-up emails.
Personally, I feel honored to have strangers share their feelings over this song. Further, I consider it a privilege of this position that The Great Class reaches far beyond its Class and College to touch people outside the Dartmouth Community with whom it has no other contact.  For this reason I have created this page to not only note the past emails, but to become a online repository of information about this song and a subject-specific search engine for links relating to it.  So, I am hopeful that other people will add to the information for which they will be credited.
Finally, there is a slightly strange, personal vibe at work with Madame Jeanette.  I hail from The Berkshires in the Western part of MA.  William College, an outstanding Little Ivy, is in the northern Berkshire town of in Williamstown, MA,  which I passed through on every trip to Hanover (and visited for a goal post fight or two after the rival Williams-Amherst football game).  To me, it seems improbable to discover serendipitously through visitors inquiries, that the Williams "Bethans"... that's lingo for the Elizabethans... once carried the song in their repertoire and still have for sale an audio cassette with this song plus others: Two colleges personal to me, four decades apart, singing the same rare song.  Go Figure!  I did and I concluded that ... 
Apparently, Madame Jeanette Is Never Far From Many Homes.

* Yes, I know.   Some of the Dartmouth song are no long in favor, or have been changed.  But, this site is about The Class of 1965 and ITS HISTORY, not a revisionist view of it.  So it is AUTHENTIC to reflect the tunes which The College supported during our time in Hanover. After all, The College (in fact all colleges) claims to be about VERITAS.  Our collective finding the LUX afterwards does not alter the VERITAS at that time; it just makes us more sensitive to it in the present.