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As I write this column, many classmates are packing their ski gear for our Annual Out-of-Hanover Mini-Reunion in Vail. News from that event next edition. Irony of ironies, I who live in Colorado will be in Stockholm on business, so I will rely on our field reporting staff for input.

For those who have not yet heard, I have to relate some sad news: the untimely demise of one of our classmates - a former Class President - Jock Hosmer. Jock died December 8th last year in a traffic accident in Massachusetts. To Ann and son Trip we send our deep and sincere regrets. An obituary on Jock should also be in this edition.

Hopefully the murders of Professors Suzanne and Half Zantop on January 27th will have been solved before you read this column. The case has rocked both the campus and the Dartmouth community worldwide. President Wright issued a statement to all alumni which our Webmeister has posted, and you can get updates on the Dartmouth website at We will also continue to keep you apprised within class channels as more information becomes available.

On to upbeat class news. Dennis Purnell, who lives in Danbury, Conn. has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales at Carnall Insurance, Inc. Dennis will be responsible for development and retention of business in the property/casualty, life and health, and employee benefits divisions, and for coordinating cross-marketing initiatives between Carnall and its parent company, Ridgefield Bank.

Brad Dewey wrote that he and wife Marietta have lived in Geneva, Switzerland for the last 22 years. Their three sons still live in the Geneva area pursuing careers in web-site development, private banking, and getting through University. Brad and Marietta now have much more time to do things they put off while raising the family such as the 2,000KM motorcycle trip they took last summer from Geneva to the Mediterranean and back via the Maritime Alps. Larry Langford '67 and his wife Emily accompanied them. Brad promised a fuller report soon.

Michael Divak, a frequent October Mini attendee, has returned often to the Hanover plain from his home in New York. Last year he returned monthly to participate in a group aiding Dartmouth undergraduates interested in education. That experience rekindled Mike's own interest in education practices, and got him to sit down to writing his doctoral dissertation in educational psychology.

I was delighted to receive recently a bolt-from-the-blue e-mail from Bob Koury, who now resides in the northern Virginia area. That in turn kicked off some round-robin e-mail correspondence with Peter Frederick, who also works in the DC area, and Steve Farrow, who lives in Salisbury, Maryland, with whom I played some tennis recently, all aiming towards getting together for a cribbage tournament soon. (Got that, Chief and Duffy?)

News next edition on Chuck Coe, Gary Danielson, and Bob Ernst among others. Everyone please check in by phone or e-mail and let me know where you are and how you are doing.

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