The Great Class of 1965

Meeting '06: Class Publication of Herb West's Farewell Address

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Class of ’65 Executive Committee Meeting
Herb West's Farewell Address
Report Resulting From The July 10, 2006 Meeting
At Bill Webster's Home in Old Saybrook, CT
Jim Griffiths, Bob Blake, Bob McConnaughey, John Sottile, Ken McGruther,
Bob Murphy, Jim Hamilton, Mike Gonnerman, Doug Leitch, Stu Keiller, Tucky Mays, Bill Webster, Hank Amon, Brian Porzak and Roger Hansen

 Jim Hamilton
Special Projects


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Duane Landreth '63 offers Herb a scotch before his Address.

Farewell Address
Complete Bibliography
Introduction by George Singer '50
Bibliography by Philip Cronenwett
Herb West was quite a guy.  To many who saw him in the last years at Dartmouth, he was a caricature.  However, Herb spent over 40 years teaching at Dartmouth and his bibliography is an impressive 20 pages of his privately printed Westholm Publications, trade books and articles.
Last year, I proposed that The Class consider the publication of Herb West's now-famous-at-least-to-us, Farewell Address.  Since then, we've learned of Herb's impact on other Classes, and that he was the founder of the Special Collections at Baker Library -- the very core that became The Rauner Special Collections Library to which The Great Class of '65 made a record-breaking gift. Today, the original publication concept, now expanded in scope,  is in galley proofs with "the presses" about to roll.   
Support from outside of The Class has also been tremendous.  Phil Cronenwett, the retired Special Collections librarian, has researched and added a West's complete Bibiography and George Singer '50 has written a reviting Introduction.
The publication will be digitally printed on-demand.  It will be hard-bound with approximately 70 pages.  It will be attractively jacketed with quotes from those who got to know Herb very well.  And, it will have ISBN and Library of Congress Code numbers so that it may be sold directly through this site, at retail in Hanover, and perhaps online via Amazon.  The book may also be awarded by The Class as a gift.
When published in October '06, Herb's Farewell Address will be a treasure to those of us who had him as a professor (and for some of us, as a friend even beyond our years at Dartmouth)... for alums who heard of him and would like to know more... and of course, for book collectors and libraries.  Profits from the book will go into The Class Treasury to be earmarked for another Class Project. 
Pricing has not been established since there are costs which have not been finally determined.  HOWEVER... more than likely, there will be PRE PUBLICATION and STEPPED-DOWN DISCOUNTS for Classmates, Alums, and The Dartmouth Community.  Others will pay retail. 
At the Summer Meeting, a motion was made, seconded, and passed by the Executive Committee which endorsed in principle further efforts to frame this project for a specific purpose.  By the October Class Meeting, if not sooner, all details will be known and forthcoming in a formal proposal.  Please revisit this page for developments. 
Mike Gonnerman and Tucky Mays will be working with me on this special project.


I'll be back to you soon.

Dartmouth Hall  |  Room 105  |  May 1963
The Gallery Was Packed
Where You There?
If so
Identify yourself... We'll note your presence.

Courtesy of Dartmouth College Library
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