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"Hold Your Gold, Pardner"
Naw, this ain't no stick up... it's a mix-up...
or sumpin' like that!
Dear Classmates,
I have received from Susan Young, Alumni Relations, the following information regarding the confused mailing of the Class Dues notice to all Classes.  The remainder of this page is verbatim. 
Bob Murphy
Class Treasurer
Here's the scoop:
1.  The corrected version of the first dues mailing started hitting the US
mail last Friday, Nov. 11.  Ten thousand went out on Friday, another 22,000
on Monday and the remaining 4,500 on Tuesday.

2.  This revised mailing includes a card from Alumni Relations explaining
the problem and apologizing for it.  In addition, the outside envelope also
has a stamp that reads "Revised Dues Notice Enclosed".  The bottom portion
of the letter which is the actual dues slip they return with their payment
also has been marked with "Revised Dues Notice" so that both the Wheelock
Plan treasurers and the Ledyard Bank can identify the correct dues slip.

3.  In my initial email regarding the problem, I indicated that the revised
mailing would go out first class.  Due to permitting issues and expediency
these went out third class, not first.  A significant delay would have
resulted from adjusting everything to accommodate the first class postage so
I made the decision to go with third class.  My apologies for the
misinformation in the first email.

4.  Ledyard National Bank has been instructed to return any payments from
the incorrect mailing to us so that we can make sure the right class and
alumnus/nae receives credit for the dues payment.

5.  There is a rumor floating about that we outsource the dues mailing to
India.  That is absolutely false.  The preparation of the database and
letters is done here in Blunt and sent to a mail house in Portland, Maine
for processing.

6.  Please instruct your classmates to simply throw away the erroneous
notice and wait for the correct one before sending in their payment.

7.  All costs associated with the revised dues mailing will be absorbed by
Alumni Relations.  The classes will only be charged for what would've been
the normal first dues mailing expenses.