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October 21-23, 2005
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"We Got Into The Swing"
Men of Dartmouth... "Give A Rouse for a swingin' Diva from The College on the Hill.  
You're listening to Carol "Cake" Akerson '77 singing Fats Domino's "I'm Walking."
Surely,  she didn't develop her chops in Rm D-105.  Carol fronts several bands.

Class Secretary
Roger Hansen
Class Officers' Minutes
Class Meeting -- October 23, 2005

The Dartmouth Class of 1965 assembled at Pierce’s Inn in Hanover on October 23, 2005 to conduct a wide-ranging review of Class issues.  In attendance were Ken McGruther (President), Hank Amon (Alumni Council Representative), Jim Griffiths (Head Agent), Bob Blake (OOH Mini Chair), Carl Boe (Newsletter Editor), Mike Gonnerman (VP for Projects),  Steve Waterhouse, Ted Atkinson (45th Reunion Co-Chair), Gary Herbst, Bob Murphy (Treasurer),  Steve Fowler, Bob McConnaughy (Mini Reunion Chair), Peter Frederick and Roger Hansen (Secretary).  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.


The Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Class held on July 11, 2005 and of the Class Meeting of June 15, 2005 were approved without revision.

The Class President, Ken McGruther, reported on the successful Fortieth Reunion, thanking the Fredericks and the Hansens for their efforts. He also thanked those responsible for the delightful Homecoming/Mini Reunion this weekend – Bob and French McConnaughey, Jim and Debbie Griffiths, Steve and Linda Fowler, and Bob and Sharon and Blake.  He noted the attendance at last night’s dinner by Chris Farmer ’08, one of our Class of ’65 Scholarship recipients.

Ken also read a letter from Kale S. Bongers ’07, a ’65 Scholar, describing his experience at Dartmouth and thanking the Class for our support.

Spouse Relations.  Ken has been in touch with Karen Harvey, who offered suggestions to make wives of deceased classmates feel welcome at class activities.  He will pursue this further.

Treasurer’s Report

The Class Treasurer, Bob Murphy, presented his report, indicating that our current bank balance is approximately $48,000.  Additionally there is close to $2000 left in the reunion account, which Mike Gonnerman, Reunion Treasurer, will be sending along to the Treasurer.  By the end of the fiscal year the combination of scholarship funds raised in the reunion auction plus the portion of the current dues earmarked for the Scholarship Fund will have brought the fund balance to our goal of $200,000; thus allowing us to support four scholars.

The recent agreement between the College and Dartmouth Alumni Magazine to keep the cost to the classes at $10 per alum per year will save the class about $4000 to $5000 per year.  Further, the $20 portion of our annual class dues designated for the Scholarship Fund will be available for other projects.

Head Agent’s Report

The Class Head Agent, Jim Griffiths, advised us that the focus during the next five years will be on participation.  The Campaign For The Dartmouth Experience continues until 2009.  The solicitation of the general alumni group begins in late winter to early spring of 2006.  Jim is working on the organizational structure for the campaign, and asked for those present to indicate their willingness to work on the campaign.  Each volunteer will be asked to contact six to eight classmates.

Bartlett Tower Society:  Bill Webster will doing a mailing and web posting soon.

Projects Report

The Class President then initiated a discussion of a potential class activities and projects for the coming years.  Particular note was also made of the goal to increase participation of class members in all phases of class activities.  Mike Gonnerman, VP for Projects, noted that “projects” can be thought of as activities or purchases of $10,000 per year or less.  Suggestions included the Tucker Foundation internships, another activity with an organization like COVER, and/or “hard assets” which can be permanently identified with the Class.  Mike welcomes any further suggestions.

Hank Amon represents the Classes of ’65 and ’66 on the Council.  He is also on the Council’s Athletics Committee.  The next Council meeting is in December.

He reviewed the Alumni Magazine funding plan which was presented at Class Officers’ Weekend.  This lowering of the subscription rate carries with it the proviso that there be no further culling of the class lists.

 Other attendees at the COW were Mike Gonnerman, Carl Boe, Jim Giffiths, Bob Blake, John Sottile, and Roger Hansen.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

David Spaulding is the new VP of Alumni Affairs of the College.

Homecoming dates have been set for the next few years.

Class donations were reviewed.  The Memorial Book Fund has a limit of $40 per book and its balance is getting low.  It was moved and voted that we would transfer $1000 into the fund and increase the per book limit to $50.

It was moved and voted that we would give an additional $100 to the Freshman Trip in recognition of the students who taught us the “Salty Dog” at the reunion.  It was then moved and voted that we would make the following donations this year: 

Steve Waterhouse will again organize the Vail Mini, including ‘65s and the Vail Dartmouth Club and any other Greeners available on March 3 to 5, 2006.

OOH Mini Chair, Bob Blake, informed us that Class sponsored activities must be registered with the College in order to be sure that we are covered by their liability insurance policy.

Newsletter Editor, Carl Boe, was congratulated on the quality of his first Class newletter.  It was sent electronically to 90 classmates for whom we had addresses.  It is felt that we can acquire up to about 250 addresses in the near term and should seek to reach a point where we can send the newletter electronically to virtually everyone.  Meanwhile we will have three hardcopy newletters annually, with one being late August or early September primarily for registration material for the Mini.  Carl will establish a calendar for the newsletters.


The excellent work of John Sottile ’64, our webmaster was recognized.  A motion was made and voted that we make John a member of the Class of ’65, assuming his and the College’s willingness to do so.  Ken will speak with John.

A draft of the new constitution which seeks to clarify the roles of the Alumni Council and the Association of Alumni is on the College website and will be discussed at the Association Meeting later this morning.  No vote on the constitution will occur until the spring.  Association Officers will be elected today.

Pierce’s Inn
261 Dogford Road
Etna, NH 03750 

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