The Great Class of 1965

40th Reunion Wrap-Up with "Then & Now"

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"Then & Now"

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65’s 40th Reunion Wrap-Up
June 13 – 16, Hanover, NH
file by
Pete Frederick & Roger Hansen
40th Reunion Co-Chairmen
“The Great Dartmouth Class of 1965 celebrated the best-planned 40th reunion in its remarkable history. 165 attended!  According to Ms. Edith CutRate, a retired Hanover retailer, this is not a surprise. She said, “I learned that those boys could plan for every situation Friday of the first football week-end of 1961.”  Ms. CutRate was impressed with the Class’ skill in adapting to every possible problem.
 The fun and fellowship was terrific despite Hanover providing the usual variety of weather experiences.
While the reunion as planned was impressive, the reunion “as experienced “ was even better. The Hop was the site of the Occum Pond dinner, featuring the World Famous Charade’s. The ladies thought it was great because they could get up close and personal with Bob Murphy and the other rock stars. We watched a copy of Brian Porzak’s senior film, highlighting our last years in school. It was auctioned off later.  The Pig Pickin’ on the Bema moved to a tent along the river which was for some classmates the first time they had seen the river since Sophomore year Green Key. Tuesday special dinner that was planned for the Baker Lawn was moved to the Novak Café, which this writer understands was the former site of the stacks. This fact could not be confirmed as only a few of our class even remember being inside Baker (the editor spent a lot of time in an office in the stacks junior and senior year! I bet no one will believe this, however ….). The ‘Aires put on a fabulous show; performing many of the few songs we all remember.   
At Wednesday night’s dinner Hank Amon, Class of ’65 President for the past 5 years, presented President James Wright with a check for $27,932,789.65, representing the total of all ’65 gifts to the College since the beginning of the current capital campaign in July 2002. A second check for $500,065 represented gifts from the Class in the past year. During this period the Class of ’65 Scholarship Fund was increased to the point where we now have four class scholars. Class participation in the giving was 398 classmates or 65%.
We also had a very successful auction to benefit the Class Scholarship Fund. It raised $17,700! The many items included a spectacular painting by Brian Walsh and several cases of very fine wine from Ed Keible and Norm Christianson, Rich Bloch’s comedy show,  and some fun vacation venues in DE and HA, as well as a dozen other items! Steve Waterhouse was the master auctioneer .
Hank also made awards to classmates for such accomplishments as: Attendance at every 5 year reunion – Bob Blake, Dick Avery, Bob McConnaughey, Steve Waterhouse, and Rich Beams.  Also, longest marriage – Denny and Maureen Bekemeyer; Youngest grandchild, Stu and Diane Keiller; Oldest grandchild -- Roger and Nancy Hansen; Most jobs held since graduation -- Don Hart; Traveled the farthest to reunion -- Steve and Cheli Banta and most recently married -- Dick and Ginny Harris.
Ability to adapt was evident with the reunion favors also. The “old school beanies” which were to keep the sun off the expanding foreheads of many in the class, also served to keep the rain out of our eyes . The Class Vest, due to weather,  became the uniform of choice for almost everyone. Due to unexpected problems between the Actors’ Guild and Secret Service, the Class of 65 players world premier was delayed 5 years providing yet one more opportunity to adapt. The Great Class may be the greatest dancing class in Dartmouth’s history. (You need to have been there!!)
Many of the interest groups met during the reunion. The highly touted Sphinx Cribbage Tournament, reported on ESPN to be the mother of all cribbage matches, did take place. Typically, no one knows who played, who won or even the site of the event. The rumor that Vice President Cheney hosted it at one of his undisclosed locations.
For many of those present, the highlight of the reunion came Wednesday night at the Class tent. After listening to several world-class singing groups, the infamous ’65 Bar Choir sang just about every great ‘60’s song the group could remember. At about midnight, the Campus Police asked the well-disciplined singing mob to keep it down. Hurrah, we can still soar with the eagles and sing with the owls!
‘65’s 40th was the greatest reunion this Great Class has had because of those that participated. To quote Ms. Edith, “those ‘65’s sure know how to have fun.” She always offered good advice.  Start planning for the 45th so you can be part of what will be an even better reunion.”  

"Gonnerman you were to pray for a good turnout...
Not a rainout to save your Red Sox' pitching rotation."

Mike Gonnerman and Pete Frederick
"discuss" canceling a reunion event due to bad weather!