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The Great Class of '65

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are just some of the programs entirely paid for by Class Dues!


                                                                                                           September 2003


Dear Classmates,


Once again, it is time to request your support of the Class of 1965 through the payment of annual dues.  Rising expenses for Class communications and the programs and events we support have made broad participation by our classmates in funding these activities even more vital.  The subscription price of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine increased dramatically last year and the Class treasury provided over $5,000 to subsidize the distribution of the magazine to classmates who did not pay Class dues.  Your Class Executive Committee has reluctantly decided to discontinue this subsidy for a number of classmates who have no (or no appreciable) history of having supported the Class or the College financially or having been involved in Class or College activities.


Class dues are used to fund many programs that allow us to maintain our friendships, to create new ones, and to stay connected to the College and each other.  Class newsletters, mini-reunions, the class website, and the Memorial Book Program honoring deceased classmates, are some of the activities, in addition to subscriptions to the Alumni Magazine, which keep us linked to and communicating with each other, and are entirely paid for by Class Dues.  Our Freshman Trip scholarships, sponsorship of annual awards recognizing outstanding Native American students , and contributions to Dartmouth athletics are some of the many ways in which we join together as a Class to support the diverse programs and talented student body of the College.


Two years ago, the Class challenged itself to add another $50,000 to the Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund over a two-year period, which would qualify us to name a second Class Scholar.  I'm delighted to report that by allocating a portion of the dues amount directly to that objective, utilizing financial reserves, and with the support of generous supplemental gifts from a number of classmates (58 this past year), we reached our goal!  That means that there will be two Class of 1965 Scholars receiving financial aid this academic year and we are starting to work towards a third.  Again this year, $20 of your regular dues payment will go directly into the Scholarship Fund, and we urge you to make an additional gift, for as much as you are able to give, designated for the Scholarship Fund.  Please note that gifts to the Dartmouth College Fund cannot be directed to the Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund; if you check off scholarships and write in the 65 Scholarship Fund, that money will go into the general financial aid pool.


If you are one of the many that has paid class dues regularly, thank you for your support.  If you haven't paid regularly in the past, won't you please consider making it part of your routine? 


All dues payments and supplemental gifts to

the Scholarship Fund are fully tax-deductible. 


I thank you for your past support and appreciate your participation this year.  We hope to see many of you at the Mini-Reunion in Hanover on October 24th thru 26th, or elsewhere during the coming year.





                                                                                                Steve Fowler

                                                                                                Class Treasurer