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Jose' Can You See?   Oh Yes, Very Well!
In 1932, Jose' Clemente Orozco came to Dartmouth as a visiting, art department lecturer. His job: Teach fresco painting technique. He did by painting a fresco in the corridor leading to Baker Library's Reserve Room.  Jose' titled this modest work,  Man Released from the Mechnaistic to the Creative Life.

Things That Made Jose' Go Hmmm...  Four Blank Walls
Then, Jose saw the blank walls of the Reserve Room, itself, and must have said "Hmmm," for he embarked upon his epic opus... rightfully referred to as the epic of civilization on the American continent.  Using all the walls and twenty four panels, he stroked and dabbed until he had depicted American civilization from the Aztecs ( Yup, there's more to America than the United States.) to the arrival of the white man. Upon completion of the mural, in 1934, Dartmouth published an interpretation of his work which it republished in 1962.
I recommend that you visit the links, for other than the above factual information, which I credit to the Hood Museum, my fingers are paralyzed.  The cats over at the Museum have "copyright" plastered boldly on every page. Confoundingly, they have not prevented "right-click and save."  Nonetheless, having my doggy-eared copy of "Sources," Dartmouth's bible for intellectual research attribution,  at my side, I'm invoking my Miranda, lest I get into the World of Permission and Footnotes City.

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