The Great Class of 1965

Reflections Of Dartmouth

Dartmouth Glee Club          Paul Zeller, Director  
(From The Early Sixties)
( That's beer and dust from Middle Mass that you're hearing in the background! )

Campion's Own Album - It Is No Longer Available
"Come, Fellows, Let Us Raise A Song"
"How can Dartmouth be described to an outsider in a few paragraphs?  There is so much to the College and life in Hanover that pages of description would never suffice.  Can one tell of Winter Carnival and skiing, or Spring and schlump, of football and foliage, and surely instill the Dartmouth spirit in the very bones of the listener.  We think not.
This recording is an attempt to bring to the uninitiated the thrill, the warmth, the deserved boasts of Dartmouth.  The success of this attempt can be directly attributed to Dartmouth's fine Glee Club and the very talented director, Paul Zeller.  Under the direction of Professor Zeller, the Glee Club has risen to the pinnacle among college groups and has stayed there.  With appearances throughout the United States, on television, in the movies, on the radio, and even a Summer at Radio City Music Hall, this Glee Club enjoys the benefits of professional experience while maintaining an amateur standing.  The sound betrays the standing: There are no bathtub tenors in this group, no vocal sandbags.  Every song makes its contribution to the Dartmouth legend, and all are delivered precisely by the Glee Club.
Up to now, we have been introducing Dartmouth and the Glee Club to the friends of the College.  To the "Sons of Old Dartmouth" neither institution needs introduction.  The College has been the very life of these men since matriculation, and the Glee Club, as Dartmouth's singing ambassadors, has provided many nostalgic moments along the way.
Dartmouth's musical tradition is rich.  It has been blessed with gifted musicians and inspired poets who have produced College songs the envy of all the mortarboard set.  The first side of the record is a true reflection on undergraduate days.  Opening appropriately with "Men of Dartmouth," the alma mater of Dartmouth, the Glee Club follows that with a tale of "Eleazar Wheelock" and his rum curriculum, and then the "Twilight Son," describing the onset of the still Hanover night.   "Williams True To Purple," "Come, Fellows, Let Us Raise A Song" and "Football Medley" are songs heard on Saturday afternoons after a victorious Big Green has humbled another opponent.  When the beer mugs and the punch-filled loving cups appear, "A Son of a Gun" is bound to be sung, followed by a two-minute synopsis of four years in "Pea Green Freshmen."  Perhaps the most sentimental and certainly the best remembered College song is  "Dartmouth Undying."  One cannot help but be caught up in the phrases... and, a little dreaming is fair game.
The reverse side finds the Glee Club in a spectrum of musical moods.  The group offers "The Hanover Winter Song," skoaling in defiance the "great white cold."  From their concert repertoire, the Glee Club sings the contemporary music of the late Robert Kurka in "Who Shall Speak for the People," the haunting, and very beautiful, "She Is My Slender, Small Lover," and the rousing spiritual, "Soon -- Ah Will Be Done," among others.
By this point, the capabilities of the Dartmouth College Glee Club are apparent and established.  What we hope is that the unashamed, verdant beauty of Dartmouth has become a vision; if it hasn't yet, let's go back and reflect on the past together.  Dartmouth, there IS music for our singing!"

"As we , too, look back... Campion's hasn't really changed from the original country store that started serving the needs of Dartmouth men fifty years ago, for even though our three new modern stores cover the block as close to the campus as we can get... the friendly warmth of the "country store" remains.  Campion's is the meeting place before and after football games... the showplace of stores to bring family and dates... the first stop on every visit to Hanover.... and the "home away from home" where your sons run in to have a button sewn on.  Campion's is part of the Dartmouth tradition... and our friendships extend worldwide.  We look forward to your visits and your letters."

Campion's 1965
Women - Sports - Mens
Recording made expressly for James Campion, Inc.  Hanover, NH
Cover and liner design by Peter Robohm

Dartmouth Glee Club          Paul Zeller, Director  
(From The Early Sixties)
Plus, now, Madame Jeanette
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Dartmouth Songs

1. Men Of Dartmouth  2:03
2. Eleazar Wheelock  2:09
3. Twilight Song  2:12
4. Williams True To Purple  1:06
6. Football Medley  2:53
7. Son Of A Gun For Beer  1:26
8. Pea Green Freshmen  2:10
9. Dartmouth Undying  3:16
10. Hanover Winter Song  3:00



Other Songs

11. More Was Lost At Mohacs Field  2:46
12. Last Words Of David  3:49
13. Who Shall Speak For The People  4:56
14. She Is My Slender Small Love  4:06
15. Madame Jeanette  2:05
16. Soon -- Ah Will Be Done  3:01

Music Transcribed By  DJ Johnny HiHat,, 
aka John David Sottile '64

That's beer and dust from Middle Mass that you're hearing in those grooves.  The ambient sound has a price tag of about $20K in tuition.  And like memories, the sound endures despite cleaning techniques. Of course, I could put this record through software to eliminate the crackle and pop, but that wouldn't be true to our experience. There were no CDs in the '60s,
just beer 'n dorm dust!