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It is the tragedy of the world that no one knows what s/he doesn't know... and, the less that one knows, the more certain one is that s/he knows everything!

Dartmouth College's
Great Class of 1965
Is Now Even Greater
"Better Than Baker"
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.Consider This...

Quiet! Librarian At Work
In Middle Mass Dorm

Some people love the concept of libraries, just the way others quicken to the thought of Fall tailgating. One person's unending stacks is another person's pre-game picnics.
For myself, I've always preferred subliminal learning over a visit to the library.   You know... a comfortable chair, some background media blaring in my ears, and the ability to fall asleep in underwear... drooling... as I race into the embracing arms of Morpheus.  Man... that's soakin' up knowledge! 
Today, what I like most about the Internet is that to get smart, I still don't have to go to the library.  I can literally bring it to me... all while sitting in u-trou ... falling asleep... and yes, drooling !
Moreover, I can sip a cool-one, eat crunchy food, tap my pen, and even "snap" my chewing gum without offending a soul.
You can't do any of this at Dartmouth's Baker Library. 
And for this reason, this site is named
"Better Than Baker." 
In country-proud-speak, it's said that "It ain't braggin' if'n it's so."  Well... it's so!
And so... kick-back, pour your favorite "beverage," loosen or lose your clothes, and
Welcome To
"Better Than Baker"
"Where no library card is required,
& drooling needs no apology!"


All in the Dartmouth Community know of Baker Library. 
For visitors who have drifted into "Better Than Baker," unknowing of Dartmouth College, please accept our opinion that Baker is an world-class library.  Further, it, along with Dartmouth Row, are the anchor images that graphically define Dartmouth College and the buildings that surround "The Dartmouth Green," both as in lawn as well as college color.
It's a great challenge to live up to the self-proclaimed title
"Better Than Baker."
Then again, The Great Class of '65 is up to the contest!
Of course, we didn't get to enjoy our 40th Reunion by being fool-hearty... taking "suicidal" risk.  So, it is not our intent to take-on such a hallowed, Dartmouth resource, with global contacts to other world-class libraries, "head-on."  Oh no... We're going to "better" Baker "heart-on," -- providing links to favored content not featured at Baker.
Think of it this way... If you're searching for really erudite material, best that you click...
But, if you're interested in the information, commentaries, and humor that surround your life,
Which site you prefer as your "must read" resource will indicate whether we truly are "Better Than Baker" -- at least in your eyes.
In the end, it really doesn't matter to us,
for we view "Better Than Baker" to be a "pop" annex
to an already great library.  

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"Ernest Martin Hopkins, Dartmouth College President 1916-1945, Class of 1901, had visited Oxford and Cambridge and was much impressed with the bell-ringing on those campuses. When Baker Library was constructed, a trustee, Clarence B. Little, Class of 1881, donated $40,000 for a set of bells to be placed in the tower of the library, in order to please President Hopkins..."

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