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The Great Class of 1965


"Apache Honoring Song"
Rita Coolidge and the Native American Walela Tribal Voices
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(c) David Behrens

Throughout the years, most people have honored nobility.
Of course, there are others that have not...and still do not.
Allowing the NFL's Washington "Redskins| to hail from this
Nation's Capital is the greatest example.   And, this is sad.
Perhaps the "Indian" days of Dartmouth are gone for good,
but the respect that "The Great Class"  had for this campus
culture will remain - for sure to the last classmate standing.
It is not politically incorrect to honor Indian nobility as some
individuals protest.       It is correct as photos, art and coins
have illustrated throughout history. There're no monuments
for savages such as Charles Manson; just for noble warriors.
There is a difference.
And, This Great Class understands and respects it.