The Great Class of 1965

Reunion Giving
Reunion Giving
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Class of 1965

August, 2000

Dear Classmate,

I write to report on the status of our Alumni Fund efforts that were completed on June 30, 2000. It was a fantastic year for the Class of 1965 and an incredible 35th Reunion effort! Those of you, who attended our 35th Reunion know we presented a check to President Wright at the Reunion for $2,765,000, but we underestimated our final total! In the end we raised a total of $3,052,535 for the College - a new 35th Reunion record! And, our participation level exceeded 54%, with 340 classmates making contributions to the College.

I want to take a moment to personally thank those of you who contributed to our success, especially our leadership donors, not only this past year but over the five years that I have served as Head Agent for the Class of 1965. I urge you to support the efforts of Ed Keible, our new Class Head Agent, who will be soliciting your donations until our 40th Reunion in June 2005. We will need your help to reach the ambitious goals that will be set for the Class in the upcoming years.

With your help, the 2000 Alumni Fund total raised $23 million in current use revenue for the College - A NEW RECORD! The exact figure is $23,284,682 - an increase of 16% over last year's $20,031,975.

Special kudos and thanks to our class agents who took the time to make calls this year.

Once again, our thanks.

For Dartmouth,

Hank Amon '65
Head Agent