The Great Class of 1965

Spring Meeting Minutes

Minutes From Recent ExCom Meeting/Class Officers Weekend

Attached for your information is a copy of the Minutes of our recent
Executive Committee meeting held on June 26, 2002 at Bill Webster's summer
home in Old Saybrook, Ct.  The Minutes were prepared by Class Secretary, Ken McGruther.

Please note that Class Officers Weekend is scheduled for Hanover on
September 13/14, 2002.  Although there is a full program on Friday,
September 13, the more important day would appear to be Saturday, September14.  There will be a dinner at Leede Arena on Friday evening, at which President Wright will speak.  Depending on the schedule of those Class
Officers who plan to attend, we might try to organize a 1965 dinner on
Thursday evening, September 12, or Saturday evening, September 14.  Would
all Class Officers please let me know whether they are able to attend Class
Officers Weekend and, if so, whether they would prefer a 1965 dinner on
Thursday or Saturday.  My preference would be Saturday as I will probably
travel to Hanover on Friday morning.

Many thanks and I hope everyone is having a good summer, the markets



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