The Great Class of 1965

Fall Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2002
In Swingin' Etna, NH
Attached for your information are the Minutes of the Class Meeting held on November 3 at Pierce's Inn.  As noted in my email yesterday, we are in the process of confirming the August 1-3, 2003 dates for the Class of 1965 60th birthday party.  This weekend seemed to work best for the vast majority at the Class meeting.  Alternative weekends were those of June 20-22 and August 15-17. 
As you will note from the Minutes, we had a discussion of the appropriate weekend for the annual fall Mini-Reunion.  Some in attendance expressed a view that we should move off the Homecoming weekend in order to have our Mini-Reunion on an earlier weekend in October.  A slight majority of those present felt that we should continue to have the Mini-Reunion on the Homecoming weekend.  I would appreciate your thoughts on this.  In any event, we did agree to hold next year's fall Hanover Mini-Reunion on the Homecoming weekend, October 24-26. 
Our 40th Reunion is scheduled to be held from June 13-16, 2005.  These are weekday not weekend dates.  Some Classes are abandoning the College mandated reunion dates and moving their reunions to weekends, not necessarily in June, and in some cases to September or early October to coincide with football weekends other than Homecoming weekends.  While the College initially resisted these moves, I am advised that they have become more accommodating of late.  However, the Class still needs to arrange accommodations for returning classmates (no dorms being available-perhaps a blessing) and otherwise take a greater role in organizing dinners and others activities that the College typically provides.  Again, I would appreciate your thoughts as to whether we might think in terms of organizing our 40th reunion over a weekend and, if so, in what month we might try to do this.  The rationale for moving from a weekday reunion to a weekend reunion seems to be that a greater number of classmates would be able to return around a set of weekend dates and might be able to obtain cheaper airfares with a Saturday night stay (although who knows what the airline tariff system might look like in 2005).  However, one negative might be cost as it will undoubtedly cost each person more if we are off the College's schedule.