The Great Class of 1965

Poison Ivy League


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"Poison Ivy League" by Elvis 
From His Movie "Roustabout" 
See Below


"Elvis Has Left The Building"
(for his own protection).
For all of who claim to have "Elvis Sightings," be assured 
that you will not have one from students on Ivy League campuses
after this unfamiliar song is heard.
The tune is from the movie soundtrack "Roustabout" in which Elvis
sings his opinion of the "boys" (co-ed wasn't in) of the Ivy League.
It was not a hit... and it does not appear on any Elvis compilations.
Aren't you happy that you supported his success? 


"Poison Ivy League"
Sung By Elvis
(Words & Music by Giant - Baum - Kaye)

Hail to thee old Ivy League
Poison Ivy League,
The ra-ra boys are sitting round the table tonight
The ra-ra boys have lots of plans in view
They're gonna have panty raids
And make their own lemonade
They'll live it up just like the big boys do

Poison Ivy League, boys in that Ivy League
Give me an itch, those sons of the rich
That Poison Ivy League

The ra-ra boys will go to bed so early tonight
Before exams they need a lot of rest
They gotta make good for dad
They gotta make good so bad
They'll even pay someone to take that test

Poison Ivy League, boys in that Ivy League
How can they flunk, they're so full of bunk
That Poison Ivy League

The ra-ra boys are being groomed for business some day
For better things to college they were sent
And you can bet they'll be the head of the company
As long as dear old daddy's president

Poison Ivy League, boys in that Ivy League
So loaded with cash, they give me a rash
That Poison Ivy League

So let it be told
I won't touch them with a ten foot pole
That Poison Ivy League

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