The Great Class of 1965

Vail Program


 "Bier Her, Bier Her / Der Treue Husar"
                Beer Here, Beer Here & The True Husar
            Sepp Vielhuber & His Band & Singers
                                      See Below
    a true Husar was an ancient fighter in medieval  times
                 who stayed true to his love for a year
                         until he got to see her again.
    "Give a rouse" ... And, hoist a frosty to all true Husars!


Vail's Signature Covered Bridge
'65 Ron Riley's Russell's Restaurant Is Just Across Gore Creek On Bridge Street


Mini Reunion Ski Weekend
March 2-5, 2006
plus the 6th

Q.  What do these people know?
A.  Where to go to have a great time!
The list of participants has continued to grow.
It now looks like around 30 will take some part in our
1965 Mini Reunion VI which will be one of our biggest. 
The group now includes at least 14 classmates.
Tucky Mays, Marsh Wallach, Bill Webster, Ted Atkinson, Norm Christianson, Chuck Lobitz, Jim Aitken, Dick Durrance, Ron Riley, Roger Hansen, Tom Campbell,  Rich Bloch, Ken McGruther, plus of course Steve Waterhouse without whose energy this weekend would not be.  Naturally , these "Gentlemen" will be accompanied by children and lots of lovely ladies! 
If you haven't committed to attend yet, there is still time!

   Vail Slide Show 

Final Update
With the number of other Dartmouth/Tuck groups in Vail over the weekend, you may think you are at a Hanover football weekend.  There are many other classes joining us with their own Vail Mini Reunion activities.  The working name "Dartmouth Winter CarniVAIL"... a Dartmouth Tradition" has stuck!
The schedule has been adjusted somewhat to fit some changing circumstances.  We think you'll find time to do your own thing as well as mingle with the group attending.
Because of the size of the ski group, we have added a second ski instructor to work with us on Friday and Saturday.....  If it is great weather, you will find this touch will add greatly to your enjoyment as it will get us around lift line delays.  Skiing in Vail is very "in" this season due to the record setting snow conditions.  We'll split the charge of $1200 each day based on the number of heads skiing so it should get down to $50-80 per person. 
We have organized what we hope will be some interesting days of activity....  The highlights include....
Friday -  The Photo Op at 9:15 AM at the Vista Bahn, Lunch at Sarge's Shelter and the Cocktail Party at the Sonnenalp should be special as we will mix with Dartmouth skiers of all ages...  Ron Riley's restaurant, "Russells," is one of Vail's favorite spots for fine dining, and Ron has kindly taken on the task of providing a great finish to the day one for our rowdy group....
Saturday - The skiing start should be a little less chaotic, but the general crowd could be one of Vail's largest if the sun is shining as expected.  Lunch will be in, arguably, the finest mountain ski club restaurant anywhere. And the evening cocktails/dinner at the Vail Golf Club will include something we hope will be very special, a real horse drawn sleigh ride in the twilight of a great Colorado evening!
Sunday - Another great day of skiing, and dinner at one of Vail's new restaurant stars, Kelly Likens, where some will remember the most memorable discussion in the history of 1965 Reunions occurred last year! 
For anyone needing ski rentals, we can recommend the Gorsuch ski shop in Vail Village (Tel: 970-476-2294) or Beaver Creek (Tel: 970-949-0786)......  And if you mention you are with the Dartmouth group, you should receive a 20% discount, courtesy of our adopted Dartmouth alum, Dave Gorsuch, a former Olympic skier and Gorsuch store owner.  And remember we have ski ticket discount coupons that provide roughly a 20% discount off the normal full day ski ticket rate.  Some of you have been able to find better deals elsewhere, but if you need a coupon, let me know. 
As with our past events, we will serve as the treasury, pay for all events where we can't simply split with credit cards on the spot, and either collect as we go or ask you  to cover your share of the various costs with a check before you depart Vail.
Now, it's in your hands to get to Vail.  Happy travels, and see you Thursday night at the Bully Pub or at the Vista Bahn on Friday morning, March 3, at 9:00 AM....
Best regards,  Linda and Steve Waterhouse
Thursday, March 2
6:30 PM Dinner in Vail Village at the Bully Pub in the Sonnealp Hotel.  As we are not totally sure of who will arrive in time we have selected a no reservation restaurant.  So come over at any point, and we'll maneuver as best we can to seat all comers.
Friday, March 3
9:00 AM  Ski Day Start at the Vista Bahn, Vail Village.... This a  command performance so please do your best to get there!  The Photo Op for the entire Dartmouth group will take place at 9:15 AM.  We have hired 2 Ski Instructors to lead our group so you can maximize your skiing time
12:15 PM Lunch on the mountain at Sarge's Shelter, MidVail with the 100 or so other Dartmouth folks who may be enjoying the day on Vail Mountain....  And Sarge Brown, namesake of the shelter, is that same Army Master Sergeant who commanded Army ROTC  at Dartmouth during our undergrad days!
4:30 - 6:00 PM Cocktails at the Sonnenalp Hotel with many other Dartmouthites!
6:30 - 8:30 PM Dinner with the '65s at Russells (next to the covered Bridge in Vail Village), one of Ron Riley's fine restaurants.  And Ron has organized some special treats for our group to add to our evening's enjoyment .....
Saturday, March 4
7:30 - 9:00 AM   The Tuck breakfast and seminar with Tuck Professor Bob Howell is open to all Dartmouth alums, but you need to check in with Tuck on the details.
9:15 AM  Ski Day Start at the Vista Bahn....   We have hired 2 Ski Instructors for the 2nd day as well to help cut lines on what should be a very busy day on Vail Mountain
12:15 (or later) Lunch at the Game Creek Club off the Ouzo Run in the Game Creek Bowl.  This is arguably the finest such facility in the ski world.  Our lunch will be in the Bistro restaurant on the lower level. 
6:00 PM Cocktails and Sleigh Ride, Vail Golf Club, 1178 Vail Valley Drive.... The Village bus serves the Golf Club as one way to get there.  Check with the bus driver to make sure you are headed in the right direction.  First comers will take the first of 2 Sleigh Rides to handle our group.  Cocktails will be served while others are on a sleigh ride so there should be no breaks in the enjoyment process.....  ....
7:00 PM Dinner, Vail Valley Golf Club ......  We currently plan a buffet style dinner arrangement just for our group in an area of the restaurant where we hope to see the moon rising across the meadows.... 
Sunday, March 5
9:30 AM Ski Day Start at the Vista Bahn
12:15 (or later) Lunch at the Game Creek Club or elsewhere as the ski group determines on the day.
7:00 PM Dinner at Kelly Likens Restaurant in the Gateway Building, Vail Village....  This 2 year old restaurant is already ranked amongst Vail's finest.  Come early and sample Kelly's very special "by the glass" wine selection at the bar.  Some of the participants from last year will be back, and one wonders what we can talk about to top last year!
Monday, March 6
9:30 AM Ski Day Start at the Vista Bahn
12:15 PM Lunch to be decided by the ski group on the day. 
6:30 PM Dinner plans for the stragglers to be decided on the day. 

Steve Waterhouse
Last night, Linda and I were very moved by a local event here in Vail involving a talk by Charles Sanders, author of a great new book, "The Boys of Winter," that tells the history of the 10th Mountain Division through the personal stories of 3 outstanding members, all of whom died in WWII.  One of those 3 individuals was Jake Nunnemacher '42, Captain of the 1941- 42 Dartmouth Ski Team.  As you may have seen highlighted on NBC during the current Olympics coverage, the 10th Mountain Division was a very special group in the history of skiing and warfare.  Jake was one of the greatest.  He and many other Dartmouth alumni were totally involved in this remarkable piece of American history....  I can only say that it made me very proud to be a Dartmouth grad skiing the mountains of Colorado.  For those with the "right stuff," we will ski Riva Ridge, named after one of the greatest 10th Mountain Division battles in Italy. 

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