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Official 40th Reunion
Hanover, New Hampshire
June 13-16, 2005


Start planning for our Official 40th Reunion. If you're a regular attendee, you already know the enjoyment of seeing old friends and making new ones. If you are among the "never or rarely attend" reunion group, seriously consider coming back and seeing both old and new (to you) faces. It's just a relaxed, unpressured vacation among a bunch of folks with whom, as it turns out, you really do have a lot in commom. As a big plus, Hanover in the summer is gorgeous. Many reunion-goers tie this trip into a longer visit to New England or the East, as well.


Combined Dartmouth Clubs Set Vail Attendance Record!






August, 2004


Dear ’65 Classmates:


A quiet summer in Hanover.  Not many of us remember the old “traditions’ like Tubestock, when all the undergrads unearth giant innertubes from around the Upper Valley and fashion rafts, watercraft, and – well – innertubes to float around on the Connecticut River to listen to local bands playing on the shore.  It’s actually quite a scene, well policed by the Pan-Hellenic council – with no incidents other than a great deal of enjoyment.


Not a lot of personal news to report this time around, despite my thinly-veiled threats to reveal all about the more nefarious members of the class, and perhaps the details of my latest root canal, but more about that later.  Despite your somewhat negligent attitude toward reporting your news to me, the class has been active and you will see the results of those activities, and most particularly the planned activities, in the following pages.  Let’s start with the results of the class Executive Meeting at Bill Webster’s in June (from Hank Amon):  “Attending were Hank Amon, Ted Atkinson, Bob Blake, Mike Gonnerman, Jim Griffiths, Roger Hanson, Doug Leitch, Brian Porzak, Bill Webster, and Allen Zern.  It was reported that our class reserves at June 30, 2004 are projected to be about $11,200, down from $27,500, $46,000, and $57,000 in 2003/2/1, reflecting the conscious choice of the Executive Committee to reduce reserves by underwriting the Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund as required to fund $25,000 per year.  It was noted that the Class Treasury would no longer be able to continue to fund contributions to the Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund and that efforts would need to be made to secure contributions directly from classmates for this Fund.  It was resolved by unanimous vote after motion being made and seconded: To continue supporting, at past levels, the Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors Program, Friends of Baker Library, Class of 1965 Achievement Award (Native American Awards Program) and Freshmen Trip. The total of these annual contributions is $1,750.


342 classmates paid dues in fiscal year ended June 30, 2004, an increase of 36 over fiscal 2003.  The Class paid for 554 Alumni Magazine subscriptions (542 live classmates plus 12 widows) in 2004, down from 593 in the previous fiscal year, reflecting the “cull” in the Class subscription list that was made last fall.


The next mini-reunion will be in Hanover over the October 15-17, 2004 weekend, with Holy Cross playing football against the Big Green in Hanover that weekend.”



October 15-17, 2004 – Class of 1965 Mini-Reunion in Hanover



From Mini Co-chairs:          Mike Bettmann  (
                                                Bob McConnaughy  (


The Class of 1965’s Hanover mini-reunion will be held this year over the October 15-17 weekend.  We have this year moved our fall mini forward in the hopes of warmer weather, better foliage and greater attendance.  The October 15-17 weekend not being Homecoming Weekend, we will miss the parade, rally and bonfire but, otherwise, the schedule of activities will be a familiar one.  The football game on Saturday will be against Holy Cross. Our mini-reunion headquarters will, as usual, be at Pierce’s Inn in Etna, with innkeepers Cindy Pierce and husband, Bruce Lingelbach.

On the following page is a reservation form for the weekend to be sent directly to Pierce’s Inn, together with a deposit.  If you plan to stay at Pierce’s, please note that Cindy and Bruce have eight rooms and a bunkroom.  Last year, the rooms ranged from $60 to $80 per night and the bunkroom was $30.  If anyone has a question for the innkeepers, you may email them at or call them at (603) 643-2997.

Friday – October 15

6:30 PM     Cocktails and Dinner at Linda and Steve Fowler’s in Hanover

Saturday – October 16

7:30 AM     Breakfast @ Pierce’s

10:30 AM   Tailgate Brunch near Sphinx

12  Noon    Football vs. Holy Cross

6:30 PM     Cocktails @ Pierce’s

7:30 PM      Dinner @ Pierce’s (followed by entertainment)

Sunday – October 17

8:00 AM –      Breakfast @ Pierce’s

9:00 AM      Class of 1965 Meeting @ Pierce’s


Our 27th consecutive fall mini-reunion in Hanover!  Join us and invite any son(s) and/or daughter(s) currently attending Dartmouth to join us for Saturday dinner.



Please complete the form on the following page and mail this form by October 10, 2004, together with a deposit check for $40.00, to:

Pierce’s Inn
Dogford Road
Etna, NH 03750

(603) 643-2997

Even if you are staying elsewhere, this is your basic mini-reunion registration form and should be sent to Pierce’s. The deposit will be applied to lodging, drinks and/or meals, as appropriate.  If you have any questions, please contact Mike Bettmann at or
Bob McConnaughy at

Your Name:

Other Guests/Kids:



Phone Number:


Lodging Needed at Pierce’s:


Please complete as appropriate:

Saturday, October 16

Breakfast @ Pierce’s

adults   ____
guests  ____
kids     ____

Saturday, October 16

Tailgate Brunch (next to Sphinx)

adults   ____
guests  ____
kids     ____


Saturday, October 16
Bar/Dinner @ Pierce’s
adults   ____
guests  ____
kids     ____

Sunday, October 17
Breakfast @ Pierce’s
adults   ____
guests  ____
kids     ____


Assuming that you have completed and returned the form on the preceding page, let’s move along to our official, college- and spouse-approved, once-in-a-lifetime 40th Reunion!  Pete Frederick and Roger Hansen describe what awaits us:



June 13-16, 2005 – Class of 1965 40th Reunion



“Mark your calendars now; the Great Class of 1965 will celebrate the FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of their graduation on June 13-16 2005. We have already established a new Dartmouth record as the youngest class ever to attend a 40th Reunion. Not wanting to rest on just one record-setting accomplishment, the Reunion co-chairs need your help.  To paraphrase the 60’s pick-up line, we’re interested in both your mind as well as your body. We need ideas and folks to do the not-so-heavy lifting.


The centerpiece of the reunion will be the World Premier of the Class of ’65 players in their anxiously anticipated musical comedy. The casting call follows this notice.  We also have the opportunity to listen to presentations: the subjects of these are up to you. What topics are of interest? An analysis of the Nader Presidency (or whoever else might win): Medicaid, Medicare, Mediwhat for retirees: How do I Keep Uncle Sam out of my heirs’ knickers?  Please send us your ideas, suggestions and recommendations for speakers. O. B. Laden has regretted and G.W. Bush has replied that his schedule for June 2005 is not yet set.  We’re open to any and all suggestions.  What other special events would you like to attend? Whom from the College in addition to President Wright should we include?


While Roger and Pete will do all the heavy lifting, they do need help. Applicants for the following positions are being sought:

Director of Athletics – organize daily sporting events

Director of Libations & Nourishment – we will have 3 breakfasts, two lunches, 3 receptions, 3 dinners and countless choir practices at the tent for which L&N are required.

Director of Marketing – This will be an “easy sell” but someone must be available to take credit for the success.

Program Director – we need to organize your above requested ideas into 6 different events.

Comptroller – someone must keep us from exceeding an unlimited budget.


Each of the above will need some support, please let us know your areas of interest and if you would accept the title or do the work, perhaps even both!


We believe the 40th Reunion should be fun. Success will be measured by who attends, and who you re-meet after 40 years. We want to create a congenial atmosphere for recreating with old friends. Please contact either of us with your ideas and offers to help.


Pete Frederick                                 Roger Hansen       ”


Ah, yes, that casting call.  Your writer should explain that the famous ‘50’s-‘60’s Doo-Wop group that thrilled the class at our last reunion, The Charades, have again agreed to appear (perhaps not a great surprise, since the foursome includes myself).  But let’s go on to even greater talent requirements: a casting call from Brian Porzak and Jim Griffiths:


“The Dartmouth Class of '65 40th Reunion Musical Comedy Production.  “Alumni Therapy" is looking for participants both to perform and to act as crew.  The -hour show has 6 male parts and 2 female parts, opening it to wives and/or alumni daughters.  The show contains 9 songs;  6 solo numbers and 3 chorus numbers.  So, we need performers who have decent singing voices and who can dance as well.  (The women, especially, need to be able to "belt out" a song.)  Overall, however, heart is an even stronger requirement than great talent.  In terms of musical accompaniment, we need a keyboard synthesizer player, a drummer and a bass player (perhaps even a clarinet player, as well).   Very importantly, we need a good choreographer!  For crew, we need a stage manager, someone to handle lights, someone to take care of costumes, makeup, publicity (program) and a prop master.  Performers will be supplied tapes of the music to practice at home.  We may, also, schedule a live rehearsal during the mini-reunion weekend or at a time convenient to the participants.  Phone rehearsals will be utilized, as well.  Interested parties should contact either Brian Porzak -- or 917-687-0242 – or Jim Griffiths… or 508-362-0953.”


Lots of stuff happening for the great Class of ’65.  I’ll have more news in the next newsletter from lots of you including John Tobin,  Tom Meacham, Marsh Wallach, Tom Garland, and more (some of whom know about it, some of whom don’t but are subjects of news I’ve gleaned from my “sources”.  You are, I remind you, much safer to write me yourselves than let me make something up.  New e-mail for me – send your notes to to save yourselves from my very active imagination.




Let me put it bluntly; I need your Green Cards with your latest news!
Your classmates really are interested in what and how you are doing.

The Green Card that you just put aside for the trash
is my major source of news.

Do you truly want to hear about my visit to my Moms 85th birthday party?
Or my latest dental surgery? I didn't think so...
BUT with no news to report, I'll have precious little to fall back on.
Take a moment. Write a paragraph on the card. And send it to me.



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