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Combined Dartmouth Clubs Set Vail Attendance Record!



The above photo is just of a portion of the Dartmouth skiers who ventured on to Vail Mountain March 5, 2004.  They represent The Dartmouth Club - Vail Region, The Great Class of 1965, and The Dartmouth Club of Denver. 
In total, we figured that we had at least 45 Dartmouth skiers on the mountain that day. However, the number could have been higher as not all the group checked in with us.
Later that day, we had a Seussday 'Tails Cocktail Party with upwards of 60 participants.
Overall, this had to have been one of the largest, if not the largest, group of Dartmouth skiing folks ever to be... in one group... on a mountain... at one time... anywhere in the world, other than in the immediate Hanover area!
Next year, we hope to gather together an even larger group of Dartmouth skiers to set some sort of Guiness Record for our sort of skiing event.
Steve Waterhouse
President DCVR
P.S.  The falling snow is real... no digital magic here... just Mother Nature!