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Dartmouth '65 - Tuck School - Vail D Club
Dartmouth Winter
"Leap Into CarniVAILtm"
Ski Weekend

February 25- 27, 2011
For 10 years, Dartmouth Alums have been "Thinking Green" in Vail.
We anticipate that this year will be the "greenest"
with many other Classes joining-in with their own
Vail Reunion activities. 
The working tagline
"Dartmouth Winter CarniVAIL... A Dartmouth Tradition"
has stuck!

Dartmouth-Tuck CarniVailiers and Friends
The snow is flying, and the skiers are happily sliding down Vail Mountain.

Dartmouth-Tuck CarniVailers and Friends,
It's 2008... A Year to
"Leap to CarniVAILtm"!
Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2008
 Vail, Colorado
The Hanover Winter Carnival never offered as many opportunities
for so much fun and camaraderie in the snow. 
Are you scheduled to be there?  If not, what is holding you back?
The snow is flying and the skiers are happily sliding down Vail Mountain.
Soon  Dartmouth-Tuck alumni and friends by the numbers will be gathering
for a weekend of old Winter CarniVAIL fun on the number one ski mountain
in North America, if not the world!  
Best regards from Vail,
Steve Waterhouse '65, T'67, President, Dartmouth Club of the Vail Region,
And The Officers / Executive Committee Of
Gerry Huttrer '60, Alan Danson '60, Joe McHugh '60, Sara Jardis '93, Diane Boyer '78,
Jane and Tom Healy '56, Jim Butterworth T'91, Stacey Sapp '93,
Sarah '95 and Peter Millett DMS '95, Steve Cheheyl '67,
Alana Hanks '05 and Richard Pomboy '60  
The snow has been falling heavily in Vail, the slopes are open, and the skiing is great.  Therefore, it is time once again to get our plans together for skiing, playing in the snow, and attending a great Dartmouth and Class of 1965 tradition that will take place on Vail Mountain at the end of February into the beginning of March! 
This information may dyplicate some other  info you receive by email, concerning  "1965 only" details!     Welcome to CarniVAIL-2008, or as we have said for this Leap Year..... Leap to Vail in 2008!  
This is an event for 1965 skiers, and non-skiers alike, who want to venture out to Vail, Colorado for a delightful, long "Leap Year" weekend, and enjoy a few days of fun as well as a bit of serious discussion with other alumni of Dartmouth, Tuck, Thayer, or DMS.
Yes, this is an alumni event involving all the of Dartmouth's alumni organizations; and most importantly the Great Class of 1965.  
Every CarniVAIL event is open to all students and alums..  In addition, we have "1965 Only" events planned so you will have the opportunity to both mix with all alumni and with just our class participants!  And many of your Classmates are helping put this CarniVAIL-2008 together!
Last year, we highlighted the historical importance of the Dartmouth involvement in the 10th Mountain Division with special recognition of "Sarge" Bill Brown and Jake Nunnemacher'42 & his family. 
This year, we intend to celebrate the work of Dartmouth folks in Olympic Skiing, particularly the outstanding work of Vail Club member Tryg Myrhen with the Para-Olympics.   We think this is a particularly fitting subject for CarniVAIL, given the exceptional ground breaking efforts of Vail Mountain to help disabled vets renew their lives thru skiing, ably led by Cheryl and Bill Jensen, the outgoing President of the Vail Resorts Mountain Division.  (***Read the brief summary below)  This will be another important feature of the Leap Year Ball!

We have some marvelous experiences on offer....... 
  • Ski North America's greatest ski mountain; 
  • Dine and dance at the "Leap Year Ball"
  • Discuss the strategic implications of "US-China Relations" and other world events with friends and experts;
  • Learn about environmental issues from our GRNSS experts
  • Visit Vail's art galleries & shops;
  • Be the first on the mountain with the sun coming up... or
  • Just hang with your '65 friends in a mini-reunion accompanied by many others sharing the Dartmouth spirit!
Other activities....  There are many activities in Vail Village, Lionshead, Beaver Creek, and the other towns in the area to keep anyone busy for days...  Here are a few ideas...
- Art Galleries....  There are many in Vail Village, and the rest of the Valley
- Shopping....  The finest winter clothing, sports equipment and home furnishings in the mountains are found at the Gorsuch stores, but there are many more shops to keep any hearty shopper busy for the weekend.
- Colorado Ski Museum...  lots of info on the US Olympic skiers, the Tenth Mountain Division and even a few Dartmouth alums
- Cross country skiing, snow shoe trips, skating, etc. all are available
- Spas, swimming pools, etc. facilities are available at places like the Sonnenalp Hotel
- Restaurants....  The Vail Region is blessed with many fine eating establishments
- Gore Range Natural Science School - We are organizing 2 different events run by this group to give those who participate a better understanding of some of the environmental aspects of the area.  GRNSS is one of a dozen very unique environmental science schools operating around the world.  GRNSS has become a key element in the education programs for students and adults throughout the Vail Valley Region.

It is very important to remember that some of the facilities and seating are limited so you need to reserve in advance via the Tuck website as outlined on  http://tuck.kintera.org/carnivail http://tuck.kintera.org/carnivail

Make your reservations as your interests require, and please expand our contact base by sending this information on to your friends!   Lots of details below, but let us know you are planning to come and we will send more information as it is available.
The year 2008 is the time for 1965s to "Leap to CarniVAIL!"
Regards,  Steve and Linda Waterhouse
CarniVAIL-2008 Major Events 
Thursday, February 28th
- Dinner for the 1965s in Vail Village for early comers.
Friday, February 29th
- The famous CarniVAIL kickoff "photo op" at the Vista Bahn.  Be there so we can set a new record of the number of Dartmouth alumni and friends in the picture....  Last year we had 100!
- Lunch at Sarge's Shelter on the mountain.  Those of you who were with us in 2007 had the opportunity to meet a very special man who is a legend in Vail, at Dartmouth, and in the history of the US Army and the 10th Mountain Division, Sarge Bill Brown, the Shelter's namesake, and his lovely wife Rouene.
- Gore Range Science Seminar, Session 1: For non skiers or interested parties, we are developing a short exposure to mountain wildlife with the experts at Vail's unique private environmental science school.... Details will be available in early 2008.
- Apres Ski Annual DCVR Winter Cocktail Party....  We had so many folks at the Club's annual winter cocktail party last year that we pushed out in to the Sonnenalp Hotel's main lounge.  This year we have reserved the larger, glass conservatory space.  And through out the evening, award-winning adventure photographer Tyler Stableford '96 from Carbondale, CO, will present a digital slideshow of images from assignments around the world.
Tyler Stableford '96 - Photographer
Award-winning adventure photographer Tyler Stableford '96 from Carbondale, CO, will present a digital slideshow of images from assignments around the world at the Sonnenalp Hotel on Feb 29, 2008. Included will be a cover story Tyler shot for 5280 magazine this year about Colorado's underground coal miners, as well as features on Colorado skiing, Iceland's hot springs and glacier caves, and Greenland sea kayaking. Tyler was recently named one of the 7 "World's Greatest Adventure Photographers" by Men's Journal
- Dinner with the 1965s at one of Vail's many great establishments 
CarniVAIL Time Schedule
        (Participation Fee of $20)
Friday, Feb 29, 2008
9-9:15 AM Start at Vista Bahn with the annual Photo Op
11- 1 PM Gore Range Science Seminar, Session 1 (Details being developed)
12- 1:30 PM Lunch at Sarge's Shelter, Mid Vail
4:30 - 6 PM Cocktails in the Conservatory: Special showing of Adventure Photography by Tyler Stableford '96, and the official recognition of the Dartmouth Club of Vail , Sonnenalp Hotel (Reserve @ $25)
Dinner - Open; to be arranged by individuals and groups
Saturday, March 1st
-  The Dartmouth/Tuck CarniVAIL Ski Races.  This is still under development as we have yet to secure a time on the very busy Nastar Race Course.  We will keep you informed. 
- Gore Range Science Seminar, Session 2: For non skiers or interested parties, we are developing a short exposure to the mountain wilderness with the experts at Vail's unique private environmental science school....  For those interested, this may involve a short snow shoe hike on top of Vail Mountain.  Details will be available in early 2008.
Osman Tuck Alumni Lifelong Learning (TALL) Program Seminar ....  Last year, we had a very successful discussion of Alternative Energy as the major "intellectual component" of CarniVAIL.  This year we will have 2 sessions.
1) The Main Session will begin at 4:30 PM in the Sonnenalp with to discuss "US-China Relations"  with participants who will outline the current business and personal aspects of this situation.  Importantly, we intend to discuss some of the long term strategic issues for the US that are not yet receiving much attention, but are going to substantially impact the future of the US.... And all our lives!  The  Panel  will be headed up by Bob Howell, Tuck Professor and DCVR Club member, as Panel Moderator and include:
- Andrew Bernard, Tuck Professor and Director of the Tuck Center for International Business
- Tony Llano T’04, Business Development Manager for the Agricultural Division of John Deere recently coordinated the multimillion-dollar acquisition of Southern China’s largest tractor company
- Ken McGruther D'65, retired US Navy Captain, former Professor at the US Military War College, and Special Advisor to US Intelligence Agencies on the long term US strategic issues as they pertain to China
- H. J. Markley T’74, John Deere Division President and Tuck Overseer
- Edward Zhou T’02, Partner & Vice President of DAC Management, equity investor in China
With Special Commentary from "early days" of working visits to China by
- J. Brian Quinn, Tuck Professor Emeritus, on his personal discussions with the country's leaders
- Steve Waterhouse D'65 T’67 on some personal episodes that added "color" to one's involvement in China
 2) Early bird breakfast session   We will also have a session before the slopes open up (7:30-9 AM; probably at the Lodge in Vail so one can jump on the Vista Bahn lift at 9 sharp!) in which Professor Andy Bernard will discuss his current research and the "activities of the Tuck Center for  International Business." 
We hope to have the principal underwriter of the TALL program, Steve Osman '56 T'57, with us for this weekend, maybe with members of his family.
- The CarniVAIL Leap Year "Ball"...   In recognition of this special Leap Year weekend, and as a thanks to Julius Caesar for planning the calendar with the Leap Year feature, we are going to emphasize things Italian at our first ever CarniVAIL Dinner - Dance.  This should be a magical evening with superb Sonnenalp food, music provided by the band of Colorado music legend Kathy Morrow.  We are also very pleased to announce that Canyon Wind Wines, one of the finest vineyards in the West, is providing wine for the dinner, courtesy of 1965 Dartmouth alumnus Norm Christianson, his wife Ellen and son Jay who own this vineyard.
Saturday, March 1, 2008
7:30 - 9:00 AM Osman TALL breakfast & discussion of Int'l Business (Reserve @ $10)
9:15 AM -3:30 PM  Ski Day - Open to be arranged by individuals and groups
10-12 AM ????CarniVAIL Ski Races  (Details being developed)
11- 1 PM Gore Range Science Seminar, Session 2  (Details being developed)
Lunch - Open to be arranged by individuals and groups 
4:30 - 6:30 PM  Osman TALL Seminar on "US-China Relations" - being organized by the Tuck School in the Fischen Kempton Room, lower level, Sonnenalp Hotel (No Charge; Guests of the Tuck School)
6:15 - 7:15 PM Cocktails, lower lobby, Sonnenalp Hotel (Included with Dinner)
7:30 - 10:15+ PM CarniVAIL "Leap Year" Dinner/Dance and Celebration of Para-Olympics, Bavaria Rooms, lower level, Sonnenalp Hotel;  with live music, and surprises for sure!  (Reserve @ $90)
Sunday, March 2nd
- Dawnbusters Skiing and CarniVAIL Sunday Brunch...  For the second year, we have talked Vail Resorts and the Game Creek Ski Club in to opening up the mountain an hour early just for a small contingent (maximum of 70) of the Dartmouth group, and hosting a brunch on the mountain in the Game Creek Bowl at the famous Game Creek Ski Club.  Have you ever wanted to ski some of the greatest ski trails on any mountain with no one else in sight?  That's the opportunity this event provides!
- Dinner with 1965s on Sunday evening has become a special tradition that has led to some very, very interesting conversations about things old and things new.
Sunday, March 2, 2008
7:30 PM  Dawnbusters early ski start - limited to 70 participants  (Reserve @ $30)
9:30 PM CarniVAIL Sunday Brunch, Game Creek Club, Ouzo Trail, Game Creek Bowl on Vail Mountain  
Balance of day - Open; to be arranged by individuals and groups
On Monday, March 3rd
We make up the day of skiing, lnch and dinner to fit the needs of any 1965 folks left in Vail

Hi Everyone from Dartmouth, Tuck, DMS and Thayer,
Winter play time is here again!!!!  Ski areas are open, snow is falling and its time to crack out the skis and boards for Dartmouth/Tuck/DMS/Thayer CarniVAIL-2011 ...... or just make the trip to come be part of the activities if you are not already in the mountains!
In roughly 3 months the largest annual gathering of Dartmouth, Tuck, DMS and Thayer alumni will take place in Vail, Co at CarniVAIL - 2011... Feb 25-27, 2011.  For some of us, this will be the 12th straight year that we have gathered in Vail to slide over snow, share some fun and learn a bit more about what's happening in this world we live in.  If you have been before, you know the story.  If you have not, you have missed something, and this is the year to come see what CarniVAIL is all about.
Without question, we have an absolutely spectacular weekend plan coming together.  A web site with the outline schedule and the means to register has been organized by the great support staff in Tuck's Alumni Affairs area. If the contact info at the end of this email does not work for you, simply copy and paste the web address listed here into your browser: http://guest.cvent.com/d/pc1rd9WSlUa5fXMgj4-XxQ/8ns4/P1/1Q?
In addition to our normal full schedule, there are three very special events being organized for this year that will make this the greatest of all CarniVAIL weekends, and as interesting as any alumni weekend held in Hanover NH.  Some of the events over the weekend will be filmed for the major new documentary film on the historic impact of Dartmouth and the Hanover region on the development of modern skiing.
1) Celebrate with the skiing super stars of the 1950s -
We will recognize the contributions to skiing by some of Dartmouth's greatest skiers from the 1950s.  This decade produced an unbelievable array of great skiers, Olympians, National Champions, etc.  We invite all the skiers from this period to join in celebrating the decade of some of Dartmouth's finest skiers and the folks who have seen the most growth in "modern skiing" as detailed in the massive new book, Passion for Skiing (www.PassionforSkiing.com).  The book is a leading candidate to be selected the Ski History Book of the Year - 2010; and the subject of a hour length documentary film being completed now to provide even more exposure to one of Dartmouth's greatest achievements. We hope several of these great 1950s D skiers will be on hand to celebrate their achievements with us, and be included in new filming for the documentary over CarniVAIL.
2) The First Annual Dartmouth Alumni Ski Races -
For some years, we have wanted to establish some fun ski races at CarniVAIL.  Finally, we have succeeded in reserving the race course at Vail for the Saturday afternoon to conduct this new program which we hope will become another great CarniVAIL tradition..  Sue Young '77 ( the current head of Club activities for Dartmouth Alumni Affairs and a member of Dartmouth's earliest women's racing teams) and David Viele '98 (2 time Dartmouth Ski Team Captain, a National Champion racer and a member of the Vail Dartmouth Club Executive Committee) will be putting this program together.  They challenge skiers young and old, ski team members and non-ski teamers to join this program; and have some fun. We may even have some group team races.... best fraternity, best Class, etc.  We hope everyone will take this opportunity to participate as a ski racer for an hour.  We will ask D 1950s skiing legends to help recognize the winners of these races.
3) Seminar on the new Dartmouth effort to improve Health Care -
BREAKING NEWS: A few month's ago, Dartmouth College's President Jim Kim announced the formation of a new "Center" at Dartmouth to improve worldwide healthcare. It involves participation from the college, the 3 major graduate schools and the Hanover medical complex......  A major component will be a new degree defined as follows:  The Tuck School of Business and The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice will partner together to offer the Master of Health Care Delivery Science (MHCDS) degree from Dartmouth College. The combination of The Dartmouth Institute's advanced research expertise in health care outcomes with the Tuck School's proven success in management education teaching leadership and teamwork, finance, and operations creates an educational opportunity unmatched by other programs.  At the heart of the program is a commitment to the value-based improvement of health care delivery—achieving better outcomes for the same or lower costs—that is scientifically, ethically, and managerially sound in a new 18-month degree program.  
This will be the subject discussed in our annual Saturday afternoon seminar organized by the Tuck School.  We anticipate having the Dean of the Tuck School, Paul Danos, as the moderator, and the new Director of DCHCDS, Dr. Al Mulley '70, actively participating.  Dean Danos has led Tuck for the last 15 years when Tuck has been regularly ranked as the #1 business school in the world by media organizations such as London's Financial Times and Economist Magazine to New York's Wall Street Journal.  Dr. Mulley has just relocated to Hanover on November 15, 2010 from the Harvard and Boston medical world to take on his new role, has previously served as a Dartmouth Trustee, and is one the leading medical authorities of his generation.  As this may be their first presentation of the program details, we anticipate that this could become a major media event because this concept is very important, getting a lot of attention in medical circles, and deserves broad coverage in the West as the program seeks out experienced health care personnel for their first class which will start in June, 2011.
We will provide more details on these events as they develop over the next 3 months! 
Make your plans today to come to Vail 2/25-27/11 to ski/board .... or just to participate in our events, listen to legendary mountaineer Bill Briggs '54 lead the group in singing old ski songs, and have some fun.  Remember our events do fill up so reserve now. 
Best, Steve Waterhouse '65 T'67
CarniVAIL Chairman for the sponsoring team
of the Officers, Executive Committee and members
of the Dartmouth Club of the Vail Region; and the Tuck School
Special Note.... Our great CarniVAIL motivational speaker of a past year, Dick Durrance '65, can be seen in action "sparking ideas" on a short video clip at http://www.dickdurrance.com/sample-video-spark/?utm_source=Dick+Durrance&utm_campaign=082a541593-E_Card_3_Power_11_28_2010&utm_medium=email 
Other Important Planning data:
Our recommended supplier group can be reached via these telephone numbers or Web Sites....  For each one, mention our code word "Dartmouth" and hopefully they will provide you with a group discount....  We do not have a deal with the hotels, but give it a go as we say in England!
1) Rides from airports to Vail:  Contact Colorado Mountain Express to get a van or private limo ride to the Vail area via their Main Tel: 800-525-6363  
2) Rent Ski Equipment:  Contact Billy Schoft at the Gorsuch Store in Vail Village to rent skis.... Email: BSchoff@gorsuchltd.net   or call the main Tel: 970-476-2880  The Gorsuch family includes 2 members of the Dartmouth Class of 1953 and an adopted member of the Dartmouth Club of the Vail Region, Vail's Olympic racing legend and leading mountain retailer, David Gorsuch. 
3) Purchase HaberVision's outstanding Ski Goggles and/or Sun Glasses for all uses at the half price in shops; Go on line to http://www.habervision.com/
4) Hotel reservations: These six hotels will cover your needs....but there are many more options -  Top level: Sonnenalp in Vail Village at 970-476-5656 or the Lodge at Vail at 970-476-5011; Medium level: The Marriott Hotel in Lionshead at 970-476-7185/800-228-9290 and the Christiana Lodge in Vail Village at 970-476-5641; Moderate level: The Holiday Inn - Vail: 970-476-2739 and the Wren in Vail at 970-476-0052
5) Discount Ski Ticket Coupons: From late January, contact Darlene Bailey at Tuck   tuck.alumni.services@tuck.dartmouth.edu     , providing your name, class affiliation, the number of people in your party, you mailing address and your email address.  She will organize to mail them to you.  We will also have some at 8:45 AM, at the Vista Bahn Ski Lift, Friday morning, Feb 25, 2011
CarniVAIL-2011 Registration Details
CarniVAIL 2011!

Dartmouth * Tuck * Thayer * DMS
Alumni, students and friends!
Please join us for the 7th annual CarniVAIL event in beautiful Vail, Colorado.

February 25-27, 2011
Sonnenalp Resort of Vail 
Friday, February 25

9:00 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.
Group photo at Vista Bahn

Ski day on your own

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Mountain lunch @ Wildwood

4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Aprés-ski cocktails
Saturday, February 26

7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Breakfast and market update with
Tuck Professor Bob Howell
Ski day on your own
Saturday Continued

12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Lunch at Sarge's Shelter

12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Afternoon NASTAR races

4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Tuck Lifelong Learning Panel

6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Cocktails/Dinner program, live music & more!
Sunday, February 27
8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Dawn Busters: Be first on the slopes!

Game Creek Club Brunch on the mountain


Full Weekend Package
  All Students/Student Guest
  Tuck, Dartmouth, Thayer, DMS Alum/Guest
A la Carte Registration
  A la Carte Registration Fee



CarniVAIL Reservations/Payments System
- You can reserve for events, and pay $175 for all the events of CarniVAIL events or for individual events to be attended via the Tuck on-line charging system. 
Simply go to the Tuck website via http://tuck.kintera.org/carnivail
You will be asked to pay for each person attending CarniVAIL  1) a general event charge of $20, and reservations for any or all of four events 2) Friday Cocktails ($ 25 for room, service, hors d'oeuvres; there will be a "cash bar" for drinks), 3) Saturday breakfast Seminar ($10 for a light breakfast), 4) Saturday Cocktails, Dinner and Music ($ 90 for room, service, hors d'oeuvres at cocktails, 3 course dinner, wine at dinner and Kathy Morrow's band music/dancing; and a "cash bar" for other drinks), and 5) Sunday Dawnbusters Brunch ($ 30 for early skiing and brunch at the Game Creek Club)
- Or you can send a check made out to the "Dartmouth Club of the VAIL Region" to our Treasurer, Gerry Huttrer at  Box 2425, Frisco, CO  80443

CarniVAIL Discount Suppliers 
We have negotiated discounts with a number of parties to lessen the overall costs of CarniVAIL.  Make use of these, and remember the pass word..."Dartmouth"
a)  Ticket discounts - We will have Ski Lift Ticket discount coupons available at the beginning of 2008.  You can email Steve Waterhouse  Stewater@aol.com, and he will mail them to you, or pick them up over the CarniVAIL weekend. Starting Friday morning at 8:35 AM at the Vista Bahn ticket area, we should have some alumni standing around looking for you!....  These will provide roughly a 25% rate reduction, and will be useable for the 2 weeks around the CarniVAIL weekend.  You need to have them in hand when you buy your tickets.
b) Van and Limo rides - "Airport to Vail" ride discounts via our partners Colorado Mountain Express (http://www.ridecme.com/ass.htm) or telephone 1-800-525-6363.  Mention the pass code "Dartmouth" and they will give you a discount of 10 to 20% on the fare to book a van or private limo ride from the airports to any of the Colorado Mountain Resorts they serve.  This is valid during the 2 weeks around the CarniVAIL weekend.
c)  Ski goggle discounts via Habervision (http://www.habervision.com/),  Many members of the Club have enjoyed the new high tech, polarized ski goggles and sun glasses provided by HaberVision only thru their online website.  Our "Dartmouth" discount is roughly 50% of the full price!  This is a permanent discount for Dartmouth alumni and friends so use it at any time in the year.
d) Ski Rentals at the Gorsuch Ski Shop courtesy of our adopted big greener, and former US Olympic racing champion, Dave Gorsuch.  Talk to "Billy" Schoff (BSchoff@gorsuchltd.net) or any of the folks in the ski shop and mention "Dartmouth."
e) Wine discounts from our loyal Dartmouth alumnus Norm Christianson '65 of Canyon Wind (http://www.canyonwindcellars.com/), are available on all of their products it you email Norm or his son Jay, Sales Director for Canyon Wind....  970-464-0888 or canyonwind@gvii.net  They can ship wine to many states, or you may be able to arrange for a pickup at their tasting rooms in Georgetown, CO near the Colorado Visitor Center, or the main vineyard in Palisades, CO.
f) Ski Instructors and Mountain Guides - There is a modest discount available for those who wish to utilize the services of Vail Ski Instructors for private lessons or simply cutting any lift lines.  It is also possible to line up Mountain guides for an hour to on the Friday or Saturday to show you around parts of the mountain. Email Maggie Meeks (MMeek@vailresorts.com) at least one week in advance to make these arrangements.

CarniVAIL Lodging Ideas
We do not attempt to organize housing for everyone because there are just too many variables.  However, we can suggest these ideas.....
- Vail Resorts can help with Lodging suggestions by going to  https://onestore.snow.com/index.asp?siteId=20.  
- The Sonnenalp Hotel is one of the finest mountain resort hotels in the world with an excellent spa, on-slope ski storage, fire places in rooms, etc....... but they currently ask for minimum stays in the order of one week.  They can be reached at 970-476-5656.
- We may possibly have a discount opportunity at the just about completed Vail Plaza Hotel and Club Complex which is the closest major hotel operation to the Sonnenalp Hotel.  They are still awaiting a certificate of occupancy, but should be operational shortly.  The best way to book at the moment is through the Vail Valley Partnership at (970) 479-1046.  Try on the pass word "Dartmouth," and maybe you will gain some benefit....
- We also are talking to the biggest hotel in the region, the Marriott Hotel in Lionshead, about an arrangement.  At this writing, the details are not yet available.  Marriott does not have direct website for Vail.  Guests can call (970) 476-4444, or go to Marriott.com and click on link to Vail, CO   Should you contact them, you can mention the pass word "Dartmouth," and maybe you will gain some benefit....
- The Ramshorn Lodge is a smaller lodge in Vail Village with very easy access to the slopes.  It is located midway between the Vista Bahn and Gold Peak lifts with some rooms having an unobstructed view of the slopes. They have a few  2 and 4 bedroom condos available for short rents.  You can call them directly at (970) 476-5646, and mention "Dartmouth"...
- Another source of condo  or house rental space is Vail Reality ....  970-476-8800.  If you go this route, please mention to them that you are calling on the recommendation of broker "George Lamb" for the "Dartmouth" group.  George (e.g. a senior Realtor with Slifer Smith Frampton, Vail's largest property sales real estate operation) says that the Vail Reality group is high quality, and dedicated to rental situations.

Winter Para-Olympics

Some may ask "What is Para-Olympics?"  The simple answer is that the Para-Olympic program is amongst the finest developments in the history of skiing. 

Winter sports for athletes with disabilities gradually increased after the Second World War, when wounded civilians and soldiers attempted to get back on skis. A number of pioneers such as the Austrian Sepp Zwichnagl, both of whose lower legs had been amputated, tried using skis with artificial limbs. Another innovation was the use of the mono-ski with stabilizers (i.e., small stabilizing skis mounted on ski poles). This innovation led to the first mono-ski competition in February 1948, with 17 participants from all over Austria. The event gained popularity and the following year the first Austrian championships were held in Badfastein, Austria.

In the '70s the first multidisciplinary skiing competitions began. In 1974 at Grand Bornand in France, the first World Championships included downhill skiing and Nordic (cross-country) skiing for both amputees and the blind.

The first Winter Para Olympics were held in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden in 1976, with downhill and Nordic skiing competitions for amputees and the blind and a sledging demonstration. The success of the first Para-Olympic games led to a second event in Geilo, Norway in 1980. In 1984, the Para-Olympic Games were held in Innsbruck, Austria. For the first time, during the Sarajevo Winter Olympics, 30 athletes on mono-skis took part in the Super G. In 1988 the Para-Olympic games were again held in Innsbruck, not at the Olympic facilities in Calgary, Canada, due to financial reasons. A total of 397 athletes from 22 countries took part in the event. Seated skiers joined in both downhill and Nordic competitions. In 1992, the Games took place at Tignes-Albertville in France. For the first time there were displays of downhill and cross-country skiing for mentally-handicapped athletes. The 1994 games in Lillehammer were marked by the debut of ice sledge hockey, the Para-Olympic version of ice hockey. In 1998, the Nagano games were the first to be held outside Europe, thus showing increased media interest in the Para Olympics. And the explosion in interest has only grown thru the Para-Olympic events in 2002 (Salt Lake City), 2006 (Torino, Italy) and the growing expectations for 2010 (Vancouver, Canada). 

The concept of disabled individuals enjoying winter sports has been taken to a new level by the pioneering work of Vail Mountain, led by Cheryl and Bill Jensen, with disabled soldiers being treated at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC.  Individuals with many different injuries, and quality of life problems, have been invited to Vail..... and taught to ski!  The results and the personal growth have been nothing short of spectacular.  Now many ski areas have picked up the idea, and the concept is being used around the country to help men and women, the real heroes of our time, regain respect for their own skills, and reasons for the continued personal development of their lives.


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